Shift Session 2 – Mark Yaconelli

Tim Lemons —  April 9, 2008 — Leave a comment

Failure, Frustration & Loss: The Youth Workers Path to Holiness

  •  Luke 5:1-11
  • “Don’t know what kind of crud they are feeding you, but we got buffet in the green room”
  • What the experience feels like to be a goldfish – a student leader
  • Do you remember what it felt like when you first discovered Youth Ministry? – the world became 3D, color came into the world. You didn’t have to have devotions, you laid in bed at night asking to be pleasing to him and what to do next
  • “you showed up to bring cookies one time, then you were tricked into working 45 hours a week”
  • “what if we did Cinco de Jesus on Cinco de mayo.  Don’t know if God has 5 attributes, but I’ll find them. We’ll have tacos and sombreros. Two kids show up, no we didn’t know anything about it.”
  • “I feel inadequate”
  • “You never lose hair as a male. It just retires to Florida. Florida on my real estate is my nipples. I apologize for those of you who are visual.”
  • “Youth ministry is designed to break you”
  • “The calling is to be a spiritual guide. To be a spiritual guide you have to spend time in the Spirit.  We must be broken.”
  • “The problem in youth ministry is there are kids involved.”
  • Thank God for the tough kids who bring you to be dependent on God and be broken instead of praying they go somewhere else.
  • The invitation is the invitation we see in Luke 5
  • When Jesus invited them, they had no education, probably not moral, all they had were empty boats.  They were available and had time.  When was the last time you had time in your schedule?
  • The american culture is inter-woven in how we see/ignore/serve/worship God
  • “whose the good baby? the one who will sit and watch TV and not cry and doesn’t ask for things. Whose the bad baby? the one who cries and needs you and wants to be with you.  Kids today are abandoned.  We substitute anything we can for relationships.”
  • The spiritual life is about subtraction, not addition.  You have all you need. Your desire for God and to love kids is enough. If you’ll trust it. If you’ll wait. If you’ll sit in the struggle.  You don’t have to be overtaken by greed, consumerism, envy of other ministries.  Jesus will give you the ideas and creativity.
  • We need to pray that we will just be open to whatever to God
  • Sabbath is not a suggestion it’s a commandment. Don’t kill anyone, take a sabbath. Kind of implying if you don’t take a day off you might kill someone.
  • Slow down and read the newspaper and instead of skipping the crying african lady on the front to head to the golden globes, take the time to sit and absorb that picture and cry over it
  • maybe your poverty is your greatest gift
  • Jesus gets in the boat and takes them right back out into the frustrations of the lake. Sitting out all night not catching anything.  Then once out there in the frustration with Jesus, the food comes.
  • The invitation is to become real.
  • Mark did a great job of bringing in what Brian said in the previous session

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  1. thanks for taking such great notes tim. mark was i feel very prophetic & compassionate today. i really enjoyed it.

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