Shift Session 4 – Kara Powell

Tim Lemons —  April 11, 2008 — Leave a comment

Deep Ministry in a Shallow World

  •  We make about 250 mindless food choices a day
  • Our youth ministries end up mindless too…
  • In some ways there has never been a better day to be in youth ministries – but in other ways there has never been a more scarier time
  • We have a feast of resources available to us… Why is it that students walk away from our youth ministry table undernourished?
  • 1 Thes 2:8 – 
  • What % of your students will be serving the lord 18 onths after graduation – about %50
  • According to Lifeway study – about 80% of the students who drift away from God after High School had no intention
  • Video from
  • Deep Ministry means we Ask then Act
  • Kids are ready for deeper foods – we are offering red bull – red bull is for a time to help you out – youth ministry is helping them out in high school but then crashes in college
  • Ask then Act… What gospel am I feeling kids?
    • We started out good
    • Then had guilt
    • Then found God’s grace
    • Now we serve God out of gratitude – a deep convictional sense, because He loved me first
  • Gospel of sin management
  • Eph 5 and 6 – commands about submission, armor of God
  • When you see God looking at you, what expression is on God’s face?
  • Ask then Act – Are student’s doubts welcome at our table?
  • The Kids’ Table Catastrophe – New form of segregation in our church – Age segregation
  • Ask then Act – How can our kids take their place at God’s diverse kingdom table? A new 5:1 ratio – 5 adults pouring into 1 student – 
  • Senior pastor asking for students email address to email them – WOW – great googly eyes!
  • Ask then Act – How can I train students to feed themselves after graduation?
    • We need help learning how to recover
    • If Jesus isn’t big enough to forgive a little partying – I need a new religion
    • Find a church/group – has a list
    • We need training on time and money
    • Help us set up a plan for the first 2 weeks

 Misc Notes:

  • Show the LiveAbove video to Seniors? 

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