Breakout D – Building and Leading a Music Ministry – Rory Noland

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Rory Noland

Calling all team builders – 1 cor 3:10

Suggestions for team building

  • Visualize what it is you’re trying to build. (Cast a vision) don’t duplicate another church
    • Question – within the next 5 years what would you like to see happen in your ministry? (services, volunteers, leaders, vocals, instrumentals, musical styles, level of musicianship, fellowship, discipleship, musical growth, spiritual growth)
  • Communicate your vision in a compelling way
    • remind them often
    • you are recruiting people to a mission, not yourself
  • Build your ministry one volunteer at a time
    • not once in all of his years of ministry did he sit back and say, wow I’ve finally got enough volunteers
    • challenge musicians to reach out to their talented friends
    • Pray
    • adopt a “go after them” mentality – Jesus went after his peeps
    • Build your ministry around strong people
    • Make sure your ministry is a safe place for an artist
      • Encouragement is huge in an artists life
      • Prov 3:27 – do not withhold good from those who deserve it
      • Moses hired artists – when done he blessed them – he inspected their work and encouraged them
    • Implement processes that work
      • Constantly evaluate our processes
        • Music selection
          • if one person selects all the music it will lack variety
          • use a team to select music
          • have one non-musician
          • make time to listen to new music
        • Music preparation (meetings, rehearsals)
          • spend time making sure everything is setup a head
          • Think ahead of time about the layout of the rehearsal
          • start with easy songs (ones they know) then throw the hardest one at them.
          • if you can work with vocalist and artist separate that is the best in his opinion
          • tell the vocals at what you want them to sing
        • Evaluation
          • This is how speak to each other
          • Give your ministry a letter grade in terms of its processes. What can be done to improve the area that scored lowest?
          • Is there anything you’re doing that’s inhibiting the ministry’s effectiveness in song selection, preparation and evaluation
        • Don’t ignore problem, fix them.
          • Question: are there any problems within your ministry that you’ve been putting off? How can you address them?
            • A lady just asked I have a problem – I’m married to the Senior Pastor :)
            • BE CONSISTENT
            • The way we talk to each other is extremely important
    • Utilize volunteers to help you manage your ministry more efficiently
      • What do I need the most help with right now and are there any volunteers who could assist you in that task?
    • Invest in the lives of your people
      • do life together
      • phil 2:19-20 – Paul was frustrated because he didn’t have others who cared like Timothy.
      • Don’t be too busy doing God’s work that you’re not doing God’s work which is dealing with people
      • Looking back on his ministry the people is the best thing that stands out, not a song, book, cd, event, etc.
    • What specifically are you doing to invest in the lives of your volunteers?
    • Live a sustainable lifestyle
      • There is a crisis in our ministry today. People are working way too many hours.
      • from me – Learn to say NO! enjoy the video below from Doug Fields I heard at a youth specialites concert
    • Don’t stop being a musician just because you’re a leader

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