Willow Leadership Summit – Bill Hybels – Session 1

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  • So much of leadership is making decisions, decisions that have very high stakes
  • Do you have a system/framework that helps you arrive at a decision?
    • 1st question usually asked – does the Bible say anything about this?
    • 2nd question – are there any advisors – prov 11:14
    • 3rd – PG&E question
      • what have you learned from the Pain of past decisions
      • what have you learned from the Gain of past decisions
      • what have you learned from the Experience of past decisions
        • We must journal so we can add to our vault of wisdom along our life
    •  4th – Prompting of the Holy Spirit? – Rom 8:6 – The mind of sinful man[a] is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace
  • Results of Decision
    • If decision comes out poorly who do you blame? nobody. you take responsibility. you don’t point fingers, play the victim
      • Staying clear about the poor decisions is what makes the lessons clear for the future, if you stay fuzzy in poor decisions, the lesson will be fuzzy.
    • If decision comes out well who do you thank? God, Experience, Holy Spirit!

That was an intro. Now here we go

  •  Lincoln said “the best way to (deal with someone who has wronged me)destroy my enemy is to turn him into my friend”
    • Anytime someone wrongs you and you feel like you want to get revenge on them – think about that quote and turn them into your friend
  • Bob someone from Motorola, “Create motion for motions sake” Action is better than in action. – hmm… not sure I agree with that will have to work through that
  • Collin Powell – Powell principles:
    • Promote a clash of ideas
    • Check your egos at the door
    • Reward your best performers, get rid of your non-performers
  • Bill Hybel’s Axioms – he realized he had 76 axioms
    • Vision Leaks – I used to be in internal anguish for months because people would forget the vision they all stood and cheered for 3 months earlier. Because of life – their vision leaks!
    • Get the right people around the table – I believe God wants every church on planet earth to succeed.  I believe God will pour out his wisdom on those who lead. My job as senior leader to invite the right people and bolt the door and work out the plan. DO YOU BELIEVE HE STILL LOVES YOU AND WILL HELP YOU?  The people on that table are going to feed off you and your convictions
    • Facts are your friends – Made a big investment in a tool called Reveal.  As brutal as church facts can be, they are still your friends.  
      • 1st circle – Explorers
      • Cross
      • 2nd circle – res
      • 3rd circle – growing – growing people ask God to bless their program
      • 4th circle – Christ Centered – my life is in your hands and I will do what you want
    • When something feels funky… Engage – don’t believe the lie that problems go away if unattended. In church work – unattended problems grow fangs and prowl around.
      • Knew there was a problem in group life – hosted a chat (expected a friendly, sit by the fire talk. Instead the people were ticked off and wanted answers.
      • Sometimes we need to ask for a mulligan – we need to call a foul – the benefit of a deep christian community – hopefully grace would be extended
    • Take a flier – take a calculated risk once in a while
      • staff came to me and said we want to take a flier with a global hunger campaign – result would be feeding 10,000 kids
      • The people of the church ate beans and rice for 5 days so they could understand what it’s like to live like the poor
      • Every church needs a flier every now and then – something that takes their breath away
      • God rock our world – they will never experience that if you don’t take some fliers
    • This is Church – Had a busy day one day where the whole day was planned in 15 minutes. Got a call from a guy whose son just went to jail and needed to talk. While talking to him and ministering to this person through love I said, “This is Church” Not all the infrastructure and meetings I had planned at church office.  Acts 2:46 – 46Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,
  • Are you acting out of your axioms?

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