My Wiffiti Page

Tim Lemons —  September 28, 2008 — 1 Comment

I am excited about this new technology.  Imagine creating one for a youth service where students can instantly ask their questions from their cell phones. Go ahead add a message of your own. I have to approve it first, but send a txt message to 25622 start with @timlem then enter your message.

One response to My Wiffiti Page

  1. i set one up, and it sits on our website homepage. i had/have to do more policing than i wished. it seems like fun but the comments coming across just were not interpreted as fun. i wasn’t doing a pre-approved process as a principle i want them see it updating itself. but since we’ve started it i have banned some folks and they have to come talk to me if they want to be reinstated. we then talk about importance of messages we send (txting or otherwise).

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