My Fragile Blogger Ego

Tim Lemons —  December 1, 2008 — 2 Comments

I’m not sure my fragile blogger ego can handle knowing all the people that quit me on twitter.  Isn’t ingnorance bliss?  My own best man in my wedding stopped following me.

So Josh, what’s up man? you can talk about your kids and when they have soccer games but I can’t post a pic of my daughter for my family who lives 1,000 miles away?  Or maybe it’s because I don’t refer to my kids as numbers?

Actually since you can’t hear my sarcastic voice – I’m joking around. Josh I like the idea of numbers for kids – works great for twitter especially if you have as many kids as you do. :)  Maybe you’ll follow me again one day Josh and Greg.  Until then, I’m still gonna archive my life for myself if for no one else.

2 responses to My Fragile Blogger Ego

  1. at least they told you. &:~)

  2. Well I only found out about Josh leaving because of I found out my other friend wasn’t following me when I direct messaged him and it came back saying he doesn’t follow me! :'(

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