Crazy Dreams

Tim Lemons —  February 22, 2009 — Leave a comment

Ok. Last night Alisha and I both had crazy dreams. Me first!

Dream #1: I dreamed that Alisha was not only pregnant but going into labor. Like going to have the baby at any moment. We were out of town, not sure where. I think Atlanta. So I pulled out the iPhone and found a hospital and crisis averted. That’s all I remember.

Dream #2: I dreamed that I was interviewing at Northpoint with Andy Stanley. Right before the interview however we had went tubing or water sliding at a lake. So when it was time to go to the interview they took me to my hotel (which apparently was attached to Northpoint) so I could change. However when I got there they had hidden my clothes. So I walked from my hotel room all the way to Andy’s office naked. I was cowering against the walls and going from door frame to door frame trying not to be seen. Andy laughed when I got there and gave me my clothes. He said that is one of the tests they do to determine how I will react to extreme stress. (wonder what they think about these verses) I got dressed, got on the elevator and went to Andy’s car. He drove us too lunch. That’s all I remember. Oh yeah, and Judy Cintron was there.

So when I woke up I shared my dreams with Alisha. I thought mine were crazy. Then she shared hers!

Alisha Dream #1: She dreamed she went into a public restroom and there was a backdoor. She thought I should lock that door too. But she didn’t. Then a weird man came in and was going to hurt her and do bad things to her and was telling her all the things he was going to do. Then he just decided to leave.

Alisha Dream #2: She dreamed that her and Jenifer Aniston were friends and Jenifer found out the guy she was in love with was gay and was having an affair. Alisha said Jenifer was crying like crazy on her. Then the guy told Jenifer that he wanted her and the guy. Pretty strange random dream!

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