Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

Tim Lemons —  April 11, 2010 — Leave a comment
  • i'm tired. Heading to Redbox for Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakuel and mcdonalds! Then some fun family time! #
  • I love my kids! @lukelemons just wrote a note for @tyralemons that he loves her. He then said, "sometimes u make me mad but I love you" #
  • Couldn't tell if that was an earthquake or If Matt Damon was angry. (via @rainnwilson) // HA! #
  • Heading to mcd's to get food to take munchkin park for fun and picnic. Anyone wanna join us come on by! #
  • At Munchkin Park with kids and mia's friend Avery and @dbralley (@ Munchkin Park) #
  • This is for you @mstanley. #
  • @jameseaton Can't wait to see them! in reply to jameseaton #
  • RT @inworship: RT @TylerNab: Seriously the best idea ever.I want a 3G iPad in my car! (via @RandyElrod) // AWESOME #
  • GREAT DAY off w/ kids! Slept in, park forever, Dr appt., grocery store, dinner on outside on deck, now watching astroboy! I'm blessed! #
  • Told @lukelemons, "let's go to bed." He said, "ok, Kmart head." He cracks me up with his randomness! Goodnight world #
  • Sympathy=I’m sorry you hurt. Empathy=I hurt with you. Compassion=I’ll pay any price to stop your hurt=Love like Jesus today(via @RickWarren) #
  • Hey Lost group: Anna, Darren can't make it, guessing aaron can't since school. So Roll call. who CAN come 2night? #
  • LOST GROUP: Let's plan on 8 at my place! Cya then whoever can make it! #
  • @erinnlinkous That is Hilarious! in reply to erinnlinkous #
  • it hurt to watch this: #
  • Hope iPhone goes somewhere else today! #
  • Here we go: #
  • whoo hoo! multitasking on iPhone 4.0 and u can hook up a bluetooth keyboard. Always wondered why that wasn't available. #
  • VOIP for iPhone! Cancelling my home phone probably #
  • wow apple now has their own "xbox live" for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad #
  • MANNNNNNNNN! Nooooooo! Still no iphone for verizon or other carrier #
  • @torijill don't u just love southwest Virginia? in reply to torijill #
  • The girls are gone all night so that means @lukelemons and I get to have a father son "Man Night" chinese food, karate kid, xbox! YESSS #
  • PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. on @dailymotion//This is AWESOME.@avclub u seen this?pretty sure u'll luv it #
  • Just got to witness a girl give her ipod touch (prize) away to another kid who couldn't afford one. Wow! (via @erinnlinkous) // LOVE THAT! #
  • What an amazing beautiful day! @lukelemons learned how to ride a bike without training wheels! Video to come later! #
  • watching 20+ people on online campus give their lives to Christ! #
  • I love it when I wake up before the alarm clock goes off! #
  • Here for services! Sunday is my favorite day! (@ Highlands Fellowship Church) #
  • Hey everyone meet at Macado's @ 5:30 then heading to my house to hang out afterwards. Who's in? #
  • Eating @ macado's for the first time! (@ Macado's) #

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