Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

Tim Lemons —  May 23, 2010 — Leave a comment
  • This is one family reunion I am looking forward to! How about you? #
  • He died 4us,a death that triggered life.Whether we r awake w/the living or asleep w/the dead,we r alive w/him! #
  • Leaving work passed the softball field and noticed one of the girls was wearing her @hfsm shirt! #
  • Don'tchya hate those ankle biting vampires!?! Apparently one attacked me yesterday. #
  • It's so refreshing to talk to someone who knows(experiences) God's grace and lives like they have experienced it! #
  • Dominos and redbox for family fun tonight! Gonna watch the spy next door #
  • sheesh! redbox wouldn't read my card and dominos gave me thin crust pizza! WHY! #
  • well problem solved, kinda. Got "The Spy Next Door" through Xbox. Thin crust pizza was… ok. #
  • told @tyralemons she stole my heart. She said, "I wouldn't do that daddy." *sigh* I'm in love! #
  • lunch @ subway @ 11:30 if anyone wants to join us #
  • My daughter's pre-school superlative is "Most likely to be a Stuntwoman" … … … #EPIC (via @human3rror) // That is EPIC indeed #
  • Awesome lunch with @bfrye, @Mstanley & @Timlem! Love the new tag @Timlem! (via @dbralley) #
  • Google TV? Yes Please! #
  • @jameseaton @bfrye @dbralley @gregcoe @justnoonie @mstanley and everyone else… Lunch next Thursday? in reply to jameseaton #
  • hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go! #
  • man i love Malachi. Take 10-15 minutes and read the whole book. The Message is especially awesome! #
  • Hey @doctorhurd this is what ur missing @ JSB senior day. It's raining. They huddle inside. #
  • Thank u John Battle High School for my free steak lunch! #
  • Man night with Luke has begun. Jamming to The White Stripes on our way to pickup Chinese food! @lukelemons is lovin' rags and bones #
  • Let the bodies hit the floor! #
  • Grandma bought @lukelemons a cool outfit and @mialemons a dress. Mia said when u gonna buy me hip hop clothes! #
  • @erskine wish we could watch it together! #
  • You all everybody!!! /via @crowderband // watching last weeks episode. Can't wait 4 tonight!!!! #Historyinmaking #

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