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So I’ve really been feeling like I need to start back my blog. My last post was from Father’s Day in 2012.  My job for the past year has been the HFOnline Campus Pastor and I feel like God has been telling me to be online more. So here we go. round 2 begins and begins with a huge announcement: Continue Reading…

I’m a proud daddy

Tim Lemons —  December 26, 2011 — Leave a comment

I just wanted to share with the world how proud I am of all my kids but today especially I am proud of Mia.  On January 1, 2011 she made a new years resolution to read the Bible more this year.  Today on December 26, 2011 Mia just finished reading The Action Bible. That’s right…. the whole Bible!  I don’t know any other 11 year old that has read the whole Bible! So proud of her and all my kids!

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So earlier today I posted about youtube pronunciation manual and thought it was funny. Tonight the kids and I watched it and they loved it. Thought I’d share this so my family can see it.

Ok. It’s no secret that I have the coolest kids in the world. If you know them you can’t argue with me. So here is Tyra telling me a story. Complete with large hand movements, huge eyes, high pitched voices, and just her all around cuteness! Enjoy!

Ok – before anyone freaks out – I said family time planning, not family planning. No we are not planning on having more kids. OK. Just wanted to settle that before we got started.

So here is where I need your help. I am planning our next family night and am trying to come up with ideas. I thought we should watch Honey I Shrunk The Kids and make it the theme for the night.

So I was thinking for dinner we could have Giant Food – but then I thought it would be easier to make “shrunk” food. Since I don’t think I’m gonna find any giant carrots or oatmeal creme pies around.

So… lets hear it. Start shouting out some ideas. Give me food ideas, game ideas, prop ideas, whatever.

SpongeBob Marathon

Tim Lemons —  November 28, 2008 — 1 Comment

Tonight Alisha is staying at a friends house and the kids and I are watching the SpongeBob marathon on Nick.  Complete with a platter of Krabby Patties!  See video

SpongeBob Marathon from Tim Lemons on Vimeo.

Mia's 2nd Grade Picture

Tim Lemons —  November 22, 2008 — 1 Comment

Hey all family and friends.  Rather than ordering a bunch of pics of Mia’s 2nd grade picture we just ordered the CD so you could take it and get it printed somewhere.  So here ya go! go here and download the large quality pic and take it to walgreen’s or walmart and print a copy or just order a print from Flickr if you’re a member.

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Tim Lemons —  November 19, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today is my Grandpa’s birthday.  Thought I would post a happy birthday wish to you since you are my most faithful blog reader!

Wish I wasn’t a thousand miles away so I could be there to celebrate with you!  Hope to call you sometime today but pretty busy with the integrity conference going on here.

Don’t know if I’ve told you enough but I love you and am so thankful for you being in my life and all you have done for me and my family!