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Wanna be a ninja?

Tim Lemons —  July 24, 2007 — 3 Comments


I love this post! Check it out here!

While you’re at it, subscribe to his blog. It’s cool :)

Hilarious Video!

Tim Lemons —  July 22, 2007 — Leave a comment

You have to stop what you are doing (other than reading my blog) and go watch this video right now!

Don’t get bored, watch until he becomes a dancing puppet.

Wii are family!

Tim Lemons —  July 11, 2007 — Leave a comment

Ok… I have to confess something.  When the wii first came out, i thought it was a stupid idea.  I WAS WRONG!  My grandmother bought my uncle a wii for his birthday last week.  I went over to visit not knowing this and imagine my surprise to see my grandmother playing a contemporary gaming console!  There she was in her pajamas standing in front of the TV, wii remote in hand, swinging her arms and bending down to bowl.  :)

That was awesome to see!  But then on top of that to see my daughter Mia (6 yrs old) playing and having the time of her life, that was priceless.  Finally a gaming system for the whole family!  So my grandmother and mom went in together and got me one for my birthday and gave it to me early.  So I brought it home for the true test!  My Wife, who has always made fun of me and given me a hard time about my passion for games!   She played a little bit last night with me with not much to say.  But today on iChat she messages me and says I just threw a pitch 98 mph.  Also I bowled a 156, which beat my score I did this morning before leaving for work.  She was excited!

I love Wii!

We are now a “Wii Family”

Watch me Daddy!

Tim Lemons —  June 4, 2007 — Leave a comment

So my grandparents bought me – i mean, my kids – a trampoline! I’m so excited. We have jumped on it for at least an hour almost everyday and thats just when I’m home. Not only is it great exercise (which I need, just got done reading Perry’s Blog about this) but man I am having fun spending time with the kids and watching their excitement!

The new phrase I hear in my sleep is, “Watch me Daddy!” Mia and Luke take turns saying this over and over again while performing the same “exciting” move over and over… and over… and over! You know the move where you jump up and land on your butt and land back on your feet. It’s amazing to see their excitement. I’m again reminded of God being our Father and why we don’t run around saying, “Watch me Daddy!” Instead we say don’t watch this or stay home while I do this or that.

I have new nicknames for my kids. Mia is Hello Kitty because when I bounce her in the air she looks like a cat freaking out when you toss them in the air. Luke is called crazy ninja because first off he is a flat out wild man on that thing. He throws himself around on there with total disregard for his body. Secondly, because he does this hilarious thing with his mouth wide open and without making a sound moves his hands like a karate expert and then dives onto the trampoline.

Well Alisha just got back after being gone for the weekend so that is it for tonight. I hope to get a video of us on the trampoline up here soon. Check back soon

Omazing Grace?

Ok… a lot could be said here.

On one hand – He was just praising God

On the other hand – this is how churches give their best to God?

You make the call!