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My friend JR showed me this last night and I thought it was awesome.  All these people from all over the world playing together the same song.  Different races, languages, cultures coming together. That is one of the reasons I love music!  It’s so powerful. This is called Playing for Change.

Sheesh. Just heard via twitter that Leroi Moore died.  Here is the article from AP.  I can’t believe this just 3 days ago the band met up with him in the hospital and everything was going fine.

Pray for his family and friends and of course the band.  Also pray for Dave. I pray for him a lot to experience Jesus in a real way.  I would love to hear the praise songs he could write as a serious Christ follower!

Saw this hilarious Foo Fighters Contract Rider and thought I would share.  Read all the details and every page of the rider.

Music Builds Tour

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I would love to go see this show. Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Robert Randolph, Third Day.

Music Builds Tour 

Throat whistling

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Man I love this! I SOOOOO wanna learn how to do this!

Brandon Grissom Elevate Declaration:

    • We are loved by God
    • We see ourselves the way God sees us
    • We love everyone (even when it hurts)
    • We do stuff that makes the world a better place

Greek > Proskuneo > Kiss

    • Romans 12:1

Junior High = Change

    • voice is changing
    • new way of school
    • body is changing
    • everyone looks different – one showed up with a beard last week

5 needs of JR HIGH students

    • Physical – rapid growth, voice change, energy levels.  Need to provide a place where they can move around and get out some energy – physical outlet
    • Social – the primary thing of life. obsessed with connecting with friends.  myspace, xbox live, texting, etc.  Get them to talk to people – have a greeting time.  (just had an idea – provide a card and pen and have them go to 5 people they don’t know and write down their myspace url or facebook name and invite them)
      • Saying at elevate – everyone here is cool. If you are attending here, then you are cool
    • Intellectual – questions.  They need a safe place where they can ask question.  As a worship leader – no churchy language and explain songs! What does hallelujah mean?
    • Emotionally – Face serious self-esteem issues.  We need to provide an outlet where students can pray through their hurts.  Set up prayer stations for students can go to during the service
      • They put down butcher paper and told them to write down prayer request – got some serious stuff. Kind of luck we did with our dirty secrets cards!
    • Spiritual – they are questioning you, childhood faith, curious about what friends believe. 

Starting a band Vs Creating a worship culture

    • Student involvement vs Student ownership
    • Limited Band Openings vs Unlimited creative serving opportunities
    • Oldest, most gifted musicians get to play vs musicians are placed in bands of similar age and skill level
      • Older musicians give lessons to younger musicians
      • True intergenerational – one 50 yr old who is an awesome example of service and being Christ-like
      • authenticity should always trump relevance – you will lose your coolness – students care more about how real you are and not how cool you are
    • One band vs multiple bands
    • Live worship music vs Worship through music, arts, video, open-mic sharing, interactive experiences, and serving opportunities
    • no adults allowed vs specific adults are chosen to provide intergenerational leadership to young artists
    • Sing popular Christian songs vs Create original worship music, explain the “churchy” language of pop-christian songs
    • Avoids “secular” music vs Embrace that “everything good” comes from God – therefore content can some from a variety of places, not just Christian radio
      • just said we could use radiohead
    • Planning is optional vs Planning is vital
      • Quickly involve the first musicians that knock on your door vs Carefully create a process for recruiting retaining, and releasing artists
  • Build into yourself:
    • Family first
    • Daily scripture and quiet time
    • Find people to grow with – meet weekly – I meet wednesday nights from 8-11
    • Worship Privately

Take home stuff:

  • Do we have anyone who can write songs?
  • Recruit from outside of the church – where do I find them?
  • Don’t plug in everyone – lay in the groundword – process for joining (almost done with ours)
  • Audition – bring own equipment – bring a song they know – metronome for drummer – don’t do 4/4 do other signatures – everytime i point to them they do a fill and then get back to the song
  • Find people to do the lessons
  • Light of the world give students glow sticks

DMB Update

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(got this from facebook)DMB VIDEO FROM THE STUDIO
Check out the first Dave Matthews Band video of 2008, live from the studio. Dave Matthews Band is currently working with producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Alanis Morissette) on its latest album. Guitarist and longtime friend Tim Reynolds has joined the band in the studio for the first time since 1998’s Before These Crowded Streets. Enjoy the exclusive iLike video featuring a message from Dave!

Now I really want an iPhone! Apple is considering an unlimited iTunes plan for iPhones. Man that would be sweet! 

Can’t wait for Lee McDerment’s CD to come out on iTunes.  If I was Lee I would change the cd title to “Lee McDee’s CeeDee”  I just think he has a cool name!

When I get it, I’ll review it. Just in case any of you care what I think about music.

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Check out Last.FM  It is a social network to share what you listen to and discover bands who sounds like what you and your friends listen to.