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Here is one of the ways we did announcements at Amplify 2010! *yes we were really slapping each other*

So we made this video for the opener of Amplify 2010 and the idea was we were late for Amplify and when we go into the back door at the end of the video we would bust out through the screen that they are watching the video on. So enjoy. Also as a sidenote, when we busted through the screen we had no idea the stage was short so I almost fall off and Aaron falls off the stage and broke his arm.

Aaron Breaks His Arm

Tim Lemons —  July 26, 2010 — 1 Comment

So for the intro to Amplify 2010 we had this idea of busting through the screen. We didn’t know that the stage was not very long in front of us and so when we busted through Aaron fell off the stage and actually broke his arm. Enjoy laughing at his pain. Seriously go ahead, he doesn’t mind.

Amplify 2010 Recap

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Amplify 2010 Day 3 Recap

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