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Everett just emailed me about a new search engine called Viewzi.  The idea is instead of being presented with a list and clicking an item only to see it is not what you wanted and then have to go back to the list.  This shows you screenshots of what your results are.  Watch the 101 video for the idea behind it.  It could be cool… not sure I like the cosmetics of it though.

Family Matters

Tim Lemons —  July 13, 2008 — Leave a comment

Just watched Family Matters on Nick at Night. Laura said she was such a good salesperson she could sell suntan lotion to Michael Jackson.  Thought that was hilarious!

Also a side thought, in the opening title the grandma is reading Rolling Stones and U2 is on the cover.  How cool is it they are still doin it and doin it well?

Another thought, what has Richie been up to?

Rory Noland

Calling all team builders – 1 cor 3:10

Suggestions for team building

  • Visualize what it is you’re trying to build. (Cast a vision) don’t duplicate another church
    • Question – within the next 5 years what would you like to see happen in your ministry? (services, volunteers, leaders, vocals, instrumentals, musical styles, level of musicianship, fellowship, discipleship, musical growth, spiritual growth)
  • Communicate your vision in a compelling way
    • remind them often
    • you are recruiting people to a mission, not yourself
  • Build your ministry one volunteer at a time
    • not once in all of his years of ministry did he sit back and say, wow I’ve finally got enough volunteers
    • challenge musicians to reach out to their talented friends
    • Pray
    • adopt a “go after them” mentality – Jesus went after his peeps
    • Build your ministry around strong people
    • Make sure your ministry is a safe place for an artist
      • Encouragement is huge in an artists life
      • Prov 3:27 – do not withhold good from those who deserve it
      • Moses hired artists – when done he blessed them – he inspected their work and encouraged them
    • Implement processes that work
      • Constantly evaluate our processes
        • Music selection
          • if one person selects all the music it will lack variety
          • use a team to select music
          • have one non-musician
          • make time to listen to new music
        • Music preparation (meetings, rehearsals)
          • spend time making sure everything is setup a head
          • Think ahead of time about the layout of the rehearsal
          • start with easy songs (ones they know) then throw the hardest one at them.
          • if you can work with vocalist and artist separate that is the best in his opinion
          • tell the vocals at what you want them to sing
        • Evaluation
          • This is how speak to each other
          • Give your ministry a letter grade in terms of its processes. What can be done to improve the area that scored lowest?
          • Is there anything you’re doing that’s inhibiting the ministry’s effectiveness in song selection, preparation and evaluation
        • Don’t ignore problem, fix them.
          • Question: are there any problems within your ministry that you’ve been putting off? How can you address them?
            • A lady just asked I have a problem – I’m married to the Senior Pastor :)
            • BE CONSISTENT
            • The way we talk to each other is extremely important
    • Utilize volunteers to help you manage your ministry more efficiently
      • What do I need the most help with right now and are there any volunteers who could assist you in that task?
    • Invest in the lives of your people
      • do life together
      • phil 2:19-20 – Paul was frustrated because he didn’t have others who cared like Timothy.
      • Don’t be too busy doing God’s work that you’re not doing God’s work which is dealing with people
      • Looking back on his ministry the people is the best thing that stands out, not a song, book, cd, event, etc.
    • What specifically are you doing to invest in the lives of your volunteers?
    • Live a sustainable lifestyle
      • There is a crisis in our ministry today. People are working way too many hours.
      • from me – Learn to say NO! enjoy the video below from Doug Fields I heard at a youth specialites concert
    • Don’t stop being a musician just because you’re a leader

Saw this through kem‘s blog. I gotta say, it it did it’s job. I wanna go!


Ken's Yes and No

Tim Lemons —  June 21, 2008 — 1 Comment

It’s no secret that I love reading Ken’s Blog. Even though I am way behind in my blog reader (currently trying out google reader instead of bloglines, I’ll let ya know what I think when I’m done evaluating) I always stay up to date with Ken’s blog.  He has a feature he does called Yes and No.  I ran across this today and thought it was awesome! In my book it would definitely be a yes. Check it out!


I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been working on some other blogs.  We started 2 blogs for Student ministry, one for parents and one for volunteers.  I also decided to start one for our worship/tech arts team.  So once I am finished with those, it’ll be on again.  As much “on” as I’ve ever done before at least.  Everyone makes fun of me for mostly twittering instead of blogging. I can’t help it, twitter is so simple. 

Deep Ministry in a Shallow World

  •  We make about 250 mindless food choices a day
  • Our youth ministries end up mindless too…
  • In some ways there has never been a better day to be in youth ministries – but in other ways there has never been a more scarier time
  • We have a feast of resources available to us… Why is it that students walk away from our youth ministry table undernourished?
  • 1 Thes 2:8 – 
  • What % of your students will be serving the lord 18 onths after graduation – about %50
  • According to Lifeway study – about 80% of the students who drift away from God after High School had no intention
  • Video from
  • Deep Ministry means we Ask then Act
  • Kids are ready for deeper foods – we are offering red bull – red bull is for a time to help you out – youth ministry is helping them out in high school but then crashes in college
  • Ask then Act… What gospel am I feeling kids?
    • We started out good
    • Then had guilt
    • Then found God’s grace
    • Now we serve God out of gratitude – a deep convictional sense, because He loved me first
  • Gospel of sin management
  • Eph 5 and 6 – commands about submission, armor of God
  • When you see God looking at you, what expression is on God’s face?
  • Ask then Act – Are student’s doubts welcome at our table?
  • The Kids’ Table Catastrophe – New form of segregation in our church – Age segregation
  • Ask then Act – How can our kids take their place at God’s diverse kingdom table? A new 5:1 ratio – 5 adults pouring into 1 student – 
  • Senior pastor asking for students email address to email them – WOW – great googly eyes!
  • Ask then Act – How can I train students to feed themselves after graduation?
    • We need help learning how to recover
    • If Jesus isn’t big enough to forgive a little partying – I need a new religion
    • Find a church/group – has a list
    • We need training on time and money
    • Help us set up a plan for the first 2 weeks

 Misc Notes:

  • Show the LiveAbove video to Seniors? 

Check out my friend’s Blogpost.  I was rather bored during the team session. so I read this.  enjoy.

  • Luke 7:18-21
  • Study from Barna – preceptions of christians
  1. We are anti-gay
  2. We are judgemental
  3. We are hypocritical
  • Marlboro miles make great Bible bookmarks
  • Jesus never talked to a prostitute.  He talked to little girls who He was deeply in love with!

I had to stop taking notes and just listen. Man Shane is amazing.  So simple, yet so effective!

Failure, Frustration & Loss: The Youth Workers Path to Holiness

  •  Luke 5:1-11
  • “Don’t know what kind of crud they are feeding you, but we got buffet in the green room”
  • What the experience feels like to be a goldfish – a student leader
  • Do you remember what it felt like when you first discovered Youth Ministry? – the world became 3D, color came into the world. You didn’t have to have devotions, you laid in bed at night asking to be pleasing to him and what to do next
  • “you showed up to bring cookies one time, then you were tricked into working 45 hours a week”
  • “what if we did Cinco de Jesus on Cinco de mayo.  Don’t know if God has 5 attributes, but I’ll find them. We’ll have tacos and sombreros. Two kids show up, no we didn’t know anything about it.”
  • “I feel inadequate”
  • “You never lose hair as a male. It just retires to Florida. Florida on my real estate is my nipples. I apologize for those of you who are visual.”
  • “Youth ministry is designed to break you”
  • “The calling is to be a spiritual guide. To be a spiritual guide you have to spend time in the Spirit.  We must be broken.”
  • “The problem in youth ministry is there are kids involved.”
  • Thank God for the tough kids who bring you to be dependent on God and be broken instead of praying they go somewhere else.
  • The invitation is the invitation we see in Luke 5
  • When Jesus invited them, they had no education, probably not moral, all they had were empty boats.  They were available and had time.  When was the last time you had time in your schedule?
  • The american culture is inter-woven in how we see/ignore/serve/worship God
  • “whose the good baby? the one who will sit and watch TV and not cry and doesn’t ask for things. Whose the bad baby? the one who cries and needs you and wants to be with you.  Kids today are abandoned.  We substitute anything we can for relationships.”
  • The spiritual life is about subtraction, not addition.  You have all you need. Your desire for God and to love kids is enough. If you’ll trust it. If you’ll wait. If you’ll sit in the struggle.  You don’t have to be overtaken by greed, consumerism, envy of other ministries.  Jesus will give you the ideas and creativity.
  • We need to pray that we will just be open to whatever to God
  • Sabbath is not a suggestion it’s a commandment. Don’t kill anyone, take a sabbath. Kind of implying if you don’t take a day off you might kill someone.
  • Slow down and read the newspaper and instead of skipping the crying african lady on the front to head to the golden globes, take the time to sit and absorb that picture and cry over it
  • maybe your poverty is your greatest gift
  • Jesus gets in the boat and takes them right back out into the frustrations of the lake. Sitting out all night not catching anything.  Then once out there in the frustration with Jesus, the food comes.
  • The invitation is to become real.
  • Mark did a great job of bringing in what Brian said in the previous session