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Room Projection

Tim Lemons —  February 16, 2011 — Leave a comment

Here’s a little creative inspiration for the day. This is awesome!

Man I loved this!

Ok – before anyone freaks out – I said family time planning, not family planning. No we are not planning on having more kids. OK. Just wanted to settle that before we got started.

So here is where I need your help. I am planning our next family night and am trying to come up with ideas. I thought we should watch Honey I Shrunk The Kids and make it the theme for the night.

So I was thinking for dinner we could have Giant Food – but then I thought it would be easier to make “shrunk” food. Since I don’t think I’m gonna find any giant carrots or oatmeal creme pies around.

So… lets hear it. Start shouting out some ideas. Give me food ideas, game ideas, prop ideas, whatever.

I love it when people get creative. This is just another reason why Tony Hawk is the man! Tony decided to take signed skateboards and hide them all over the world. They are in US, Australia, and Ireland. Read about it here and watch the video below.