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Speed Of Light from Nexus Productions on Vimeo.

Saw this on Vimeo the other day and liked it. Thought I would share it.

Clap Hands from Granger Community on Vimeo.

Mute Math Creativity

Tim Lemons —  September 10, 2008 — Leave a comment

Saw this over on BcooP’s blog and loved it.  Thought I’d share the wealth of creativity.  “Mute Math Light Drums”

We did a series called “Talking Donkeys” in Truth Student Ministries.  It was all about hard to believe stories in the Bible.  We did Balaam’s Talking DonkeyThe Floating Ax Head, and the story of Dry Bones.This is how we opened our service for the Dry Bones story.  I think it helped bring home the idea of bones rising up from the dead.  We used a mix between video and drama for this.  Truth Student Ministries does Thriller from Tim Lemons on Vimeo.