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Tim Lemons —  May 16, 2008 — Leave a comment

My Mom created this video. She is quite proud.  I figured I’d post it so others can see.  Enjoy the wide selection of music and the colorful images the last 2 minutes.  😉  It’s ok mom, it’s your first video! At least you are making stuff. Now you just need to get a mac and take it to a ‘whole notha level’!


Untitled from Pam Davison on Vimeo.

Mia and Luke love watching this video.  I recorded them watching it and they say hi to Joe and JR

Mia and Luke imitate “Golf club to the Face” from Tim Lemons on Vimeo.

I thought it would be cool for the kids to send a greeting to some of the family! Enjoy![quicktime width=”640″ height=”500″][/quicktime] 

I love my son

Tim Lemons —  April 18, 2008 — Leave a comment

So Luke and I were chillin the other day and wrestling on the lovesac.  We were having a great time.  I got in his face and said I love you son.  He replied back with this message.  (this is a reenactment)[quicktime width=”480″ height=”380″][/quicktime] 

“you never poop on me daddy”

Here is some random stuff running through my head:

  • Luke has been playing star wars legos on his Nintendo DS.  He is really good at it.  I love it! He calls Darth Vader – Dark Lazer! :)
  • I really enjoyed Ken’s Yes from his yes and no feature he does on his blog.
  • I am leaving today for Chicago! Pretty crazy. I have never been there before and I am looking forward to seeing Willow Creek for the first time. Truth Staff is going to the Shift Conference.
  • Are next series in Truth is called, “Talking Donkeys“.  It’s about hard to believe stories in the Bible, the talking donkey, floating axe head, etc.
  • I have been playing Rockband with the kids a lot lately.  They really love it and I enjoy watching them ROCK! Luke will make all sorts of cool faces and moves while drumming.  His list of moves includes, but is not limited to, playing from behind the drum set, jumping high in the air and coming down with a stomp (sure our neighbors underneath us love that one), spinning around in between hitting the drums, etc.  Mia just loves singing and I find it amusing everytime she sings, “Creep”.  There’s just something about hearing a 7 yr old saying, “I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo”
  • We officially closed on our house yesterday! Praise God for selling our house so quickly! In a place that normally takes 6 months for a house to sell, ours only took 6 weeks.
  • I want to change my blog.  It’s been like this for a while.  I wish I had time to learn CSS and create my own style.  Anyone out there feel like creating me a wordpress custom theme feel free.  Although I doubt I’ll get as many responses as Tony.

Ok… today was a fun day.

  • I just got done watching Lost episode 5 of Season 4 – “The Constant”. Holy Cow! Lost is so creative and imaginitive and insane – it’s just crazy.  I am so proud to be a Lost fan! :) What would your constant be?
  • I watched Vantage Point tonight with Everett. It was a REALLY GOOD (not great) movie.  It is definitely worth watching. I actually caught myself biting my knuckles at one point (not just because I had to go to the bathroom badly).  I had really high expectations of this movie because it looked so awesome from the preview. But if I went into that movie with a “tabula rosa” (clean slate) mind and had never seen the previews, I would walk away happy.
  • Private Kicking – So I watched the Truth building today – meaning from 3-6 we have kids there hanging out and I’m responsible. Well at closing time I walk outside and see a kid laying on the ground and another kid sees me and starts walking away (at a hurried pace).  I go to the kid and I can see a tear in his eye and I ask him if he is ok. He doesn’t move. So I’m like, “uh-oh.”  Long story short he finally started talking. Turns out he and his friend were trying to kick each other where it hurts and apparently the other kid won. Oh the stupid games we boys play.  There’s more to this story but I don’t want to say it on here because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • I went to my first student ministry related funeral today. Nick’s (drummer in band) grandfather passed away this week and the service was today. I feel so privileged that God has called me to minister to students. I hope I am way over communicating to them that I care and that they can come to me about anything.

It’s time for bed. Tomorrow I am going to search desperately for a place to rent for my family and I. The church is going to help my family and I out so they don’t have to wait until the house sells to move here.  So the ball is in my court. I have to find us a place to live temporarily and then I can go get my family. Kinda reminds me of “I have gone to prepare a place for you and now I am going to go get my bride.”  It has officially been a month now since I have seen my wife and kids. I miss them terribly.

Missing my family.

Tim Lemons —  February 19, 2008 — Leave a comment

Here are some pics I took right when I left Abingdon.  I miss them all terribly. I can’t wait to see them again.


Missing da kids

Tim Lemons —  February 11, 2008 — Leave a comment


I was looking through photobooth pics tonight and was really missing the kids. (sorry honey, no pics of you in photobooth)

Thought I would share this one.

Goodnight sweetheart

Tim Lemons —  February 10, 2008 — Leave a comment

I always sing that song from 3 men and a baby to my kids when they can’t sleep.

Luke asked Alisha to sing it to him and he said she didn’t sing as well as I did.  So he sang it to Tyra.

Alisha told me about this on the phone and Luke decided he wanted to sing it to me. It was the CUTEST thing ever.  I will try to record it and put it up here tomorrow or Monday.

Here is what else I have missed while separated:

  • Luke is listening to David Crowder and apparently loves the song “We Win!”
  • Luke has a new Teenage INJIN (as he says) turtle mask/outfit
  • Luke is talking a lot more (no surprise since Alisha is probably talking his ear off!) :)
  • Luke is finally hitting that age where he understands reasoning and doesn’t just react by crying
  • Mia has been having a great time being out with everyone
  • Tyra says daddy a lot and looks forward to talking to me on the phone

I can’t wait until the iSight I am borrowing from Ev get’s there so we can do a video chat with each other!

Goodnight my family!

For my wife…

Tim Lemons —  February 9, 2008 — Leave a comment

Alisha has been keeping up with my blog since I have been here.

Honey, I just want to say thank you for such a big sacrifice you are making for our family.  I miss you and I hate that after nine years we are spending our first valentine’s day apart.

I love you and miss you!