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My Decision to go google

Tim Lemons —  December 13, 2008 — 1 Comment

I have been a fan of google for along time. I’ve had a gmail account for as long as I can remember (back when you had to be invited) and gmail has always handled my personal domain email address.  I love the fact that no matter how many times I move, change jobs, change internet providers, my email address will always be the same until the day I die (or email dies)

Recently I made the switch to stop using Mail as my email interface and start going to just using gmail. I gotta say at first I was kind of frustrated and tried other apps like thunderbird.  I was also frustrated trying to get my exchange (work) accounts working in that workflow.  However the more I started using it, the more I LOVED it.  I could be on any computer anywhere and have my full featured mail client.

The more I did this the more I loved it and started using other features.  I stopped using iCal and started using google calendar.  I stopped using word (super slow and buggy on a mac anyways) and started using google docs. This really helped the situation I had with syncing my blackberry.  I downloaded google apps for blackberry and had access to all these things now on my blackberry

Then I started putting more and more of my documents online using google docs or or Evernote or dropbox. Then I started using delicious for all my bookmarks.  Now no matter what computer I am on, I have access to them and now that I have an iPhone, I can access a lot of those items from my phone.

Now that I have resigned from my job at The MET (details coming soon about that) and have to turn in my computer, I am currently computerless.  Sure I have that old powerbook G4 – but as soon as I did the updates to try to get functioning it has frozen. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it working soon.  Anyways since I am computerless I am very grateful I made the decision to go google with most of my stuff.

Now if only I could sync my iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iPhoto and TV from any computer over the web.  Then I’d be in business!

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