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Lost – What?

Tim Lemons —  January 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

Saw this over on Ken’s blog and had to repost it:

As the epic series Lost draws to a close, let’s all gather and remember the biggest question we’re all still asking…

Wednesday night is Lost Night at the Lemons’ household. I love it. Lost is already a kickbutt show, but watching it with my hilarious friends is even better. Can’t tell you how many times we have to stop and rewind because we’re laughing our heads off and missed something!

Anyways if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say business time, then you need to watch this!

Another one of my favorite things is how many of my friends are on twitter. @alilem, @jayarelinkous, @erinnlinkous, @tyralemons, @annab1, @george_les, @theabelincoln, @brittlynn, @jdubharris, and @dbralley

Lost Notes – Spoiler Alert

Tim Lemons —  February 19, 2009 — 3 Comments

Ok. Lost was freakin awesome last night! If you haven’t seen last nights episode “316” then don’t read this!

  • Ok. First off I joked with my friends while watching Lost, “Now Kate has to sleep with Jack because there has to be a pregnant lady on the flight”. Well turns out… I was right!
  • Then-Hurley had to bring a guitar? Was Hurley also on Crack? j/k
  • Then Sayid shows up – did someone have to be in handcuffs?
  • Then the Pilot – who was related to the previous pilot because He knew the sunken plane was a phoney because the pilot wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.
  • In the preview for next week it showed Locke hanging himself and Ben was there-such a liar!
  • I thought it was kind of stupid that Jack didn’t want to open the letter. I mean come on – the man wrote a letter to him before dying and Jack is getting ready to go on an important “mission” and he doesn’t think he should read the letter? That was pretty stupid! I know why they did it. To show that Jack feels bad about leaving the island – but still.

Wow. Any other observations/comments/theories please post below!