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Local School Shooting

Tim Lemons —  September 1, 2010 — Leave a comment

Monday (Aug 30, 2010) we had a local school shooting. Luckily the only shooting that happened was from police officers taking out the person who came in with a gun threatening people. You can read more here. Watch video below.

Just read this over at

Late last night our friends at Apple Insider reported that AT&T customers who reside in poor service areas may soon have the option to pay $20 to obtain unlimited calling over 3G using their own Internet access…

Man that would be awesome! But with AT&T already being so expensive there is no way I could afford another $20 a month.

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog or know anything about me, I LOVE technology.  I am a huge fan of If you have never heard of it or used it you’re missing out.  As the community of user continues to grow you have access to God’s word but also many people’s different views of scripture. They can share a video, picture, link or text about a verse that they think relates to that verse.  Definitely go sign up and add me as a friend. My name is TIMLEM on youversion.

Now this next part really excites me.  YouVersion announced yesterday that they are introducing a new feature called YouVersion Live.  This will enable churches/conferences to share bible verses/notes live with people using their mobile device or laptop.  It also enables them to particpate by answering polls and other interactive features.  I know it will be a while before we get to this point (especially in SouthWest Virginia) but imagine a day when we no longer have to print bulletins instead we pull out our phones and have access to the notes and scripture. I already do this using Evernote on my iPhone during church.  Rather than taking notes on some piece of paper and going home and losing that piece of paper (I hate keeping up with paper – I learned that bad habit from Greg) I can just take notes in Evernote and then when I think what was that verse Jimmie mentioned last year in that message about pain, I can just search for it and find it instantly. (longest sentence I’ve ever written)

Anyways, see the video below for a sneak peak from

Watch this video if you can handle it. If your heart doesn’t break and you don’t feel motivated to do something then I’d check the status of your heart. I am praying that one day our culture will wake up to all the easily curable problems humans are facing all over this world and will step it up.  I am thankful for Bono and his work and others who have great influence and are using it for something other than making money.

We have been sponsoring a child through compassion ever since I heard a girl’s testimony who a compassion child and the difference it made in her life. Please if you can afford $30 a month sign up below.