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Please if you are Married or Single watch this message. Skip the music if you want and the Pastor Appreciation thing, but watch this message. If you are married consider this an investment in your marriage. Isn’t your marriage worth 45 minutes of your time? If you are single believe me this is a huge investment for you.

Watched this video recently and just felt like I needed to share it.  I know so many people who say they are “Christians” but do not live like it.  I wish everyone could understand how awesome is it to really LOVE JESUS simply because you KNOW how much HE LOVES YOU.  

So if your reading this and you think is my faith real or am I walking with Jesus then watch this video and ask yourself if you could respond like this in a situation like this.  This is the story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Church in South Carolina and how he is doing with his battle with cancer.  grab a tissue

If any of you are still around reading this then you realize I hardly ever blog anymore.  I usually just share what I’m thinking/doing/whatever on twitter.  Twitter limits you to 140 characters and that works great for my simple little mind.  However as I was getting ready to twitter I realized I was excited about too much stuff coming up and decided 140 characters wouldn’t do.  So here you go.  Here’s what I’m currently looking forward to:

  • Passion Dinner
    • Tonight we are having dinner over at Justin and Brittany‘s place.  This is the first time our group that went to Passion2010 has got together since the event.  The cool think is 8 of us went and I only knew 2 of them (3 if u count myself).  I love that when you go through something that huge together, even with complete strangers, it forms a bond that will last a lifetime.  Reminds me that all of us who have given our lives to Jesus has gone through something huge together and have a bond that will last more than a lifetime; for an eternity.
  • Game Night
    • Tonight at nine some friends are meeting at my place for a night of Settler’s of Catan. Yeah were all dorks but I bet were gonna have more fun than any of you going out and getting drunk and clubbing on a Friday night.  Just sayin’
  • Last night of Conan
    • If you guys aren’t following along with the whole Conan/Jay thing your missing out. Be sure to watch Conan tonight as it is his last show on NBC.  This will be something that will be talked about for a long time probably! Don’t miss it!
  • Census Bureau
    • Huh? Census Bureau? Yeah I’m excited because I may get to pick up some extra dough by working for the Census Bureau.  I go tomorrow for a test and interview.  Say a prayer please.
    • HECK YEAH!  Me and about 10 of my friends are all going to NewSpring’s 10th Anniversary Celebration!  It is going to be huge.  Huge because our God is huge and He’s gonna be there. Not that He’s not here right now with me writing this and you reading this, but you know what I mean.

Loved reading this post by Perry over on his blog.

My favorite one:

“BIG DEAL!  So this Jesus guy fed over 5,000 men with five loaves and two pieces of fish.  Seems to me like He is just into trying to do entertaining things to get people’s attention rather than teaching them anything of substance.”

Watch this video if you can handle it. If your heart doesn’t break and you don’t feel motivated to do something then I’d check the status of your heart. I am praying that one day our culture will wake up to all the easily curable problems humans are facing all over this world and will step it up.  I am thankful for Bono and his work and others who have great influence and are using it for something other than making money.

We have been sponsoring a child through compassion ever since I heard a girl’s testimony who a compassion child and the difference it made in her life. Please if you can afford $30 a month sign up below.

Unleash 2010

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I’m going. How about you?

I love the idea that the peeps over at Fuse* came up with for their message. Brad sets it up like this on the student blog:

I need to give you a little context before you watch this video…

the majority of this sermon was preached via complete silence—

If you watch the piece you’ll be seeing exactly what students were experiencing–

Here’s how we did it…. I typed up a sermon that Ben placed into multiple motion pieces… I literally ran the CG from a laptop on stage-

This gave me the ability to discern the heaviness and awkwardness present in the room… and allow the Holy Spirit to prompt responses in the souls of everyone in attendance…

I’d encourage you to have a journal handy if you are going to watch the service— I believe God may have something specific for you as you participate-

Next Week 7: Solitude from Fuse* Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Unleash Sessions

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If for some reason you have never heard of Newspring or Unleash and you haven’t seen/heard Perry Noble preach, then I wanted to open your eyes to some awesomeness. Below you’ll find the two main sessions from Unleash. Also go to the website for downloadable (and FREE) pdf’s from the breakout sessions! ENJOY! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Loved this video from Newspring announcing they are going to watch the superbowl!  ENJOY!

Super Bowl Promo 2009 from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.