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iPhone 4

Tim Lemons —  June 30, 2010 — Leave a comment

Just got my iPhone 4 in on Tuesday. I am loving it and thought I’d right a real simple and quick review of it:

  • Love the new screen. It is incredibly crisp.  The new resolution is very impressive. It makes the simplest tasks enjoyable.  Just reading texts blows my mind!
  • It is fast! Right before I got this one in I had the iPhone 3G.  For the most part I never thought of speed of the 3G.  There were a few times where I thought man it’s taking a while to pull this app up.  Now the iPhone 4 is smokin’ fast!
  • The reception is noticeably better in some areas and not so much in others.  At my house I had one bar depending on where I was with the 3G.  Now with the iPhone 4 I have 2 bars in some of those areas and still one bar in some.  At church I used to have to stand right next to our signal booster to get a signal. Now I have signal in the mall area and the sanctuary.  It also picked up the wifi from the road before even entering the parking lot.
  • The improvements from the 3G to the iPhone 4’s camera are HUGE.  I didn’t have the focus ability in the 3G. Man does it make a difference! Excited that I will be able to use Evernote for more things now! Darren pointed out tonight that the shutter speed is faster (no more blurry pics)
  • Haven’t got to use FaceTime yet, but looking forward to that. If anyone wants to convo with me that has the new iPhone leave a comment below. I’ll be in touch.
  • Love the ability to take a picture of myself and see what I’m taking a picture of with the new front camera.  (yes i can be vain sometimes)
  • Only con so far that I’m not crazy about is the multitasking.  It seems like anytime I open an application it then stays an open application and therefore gets put on my multitask bar.  There should be some way to close out of a program (maybe I’m missing something)

Plus how cool is it that my phone has a HD video camera?  Just check out this video below that was shot and edited completely on an iPhone 4.
Can you believe how far technology has come?