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Please if you are Married or Single watch this message. Skip the music if you want and the Pastor Appreciation thing, but watch this message. If you are married consider this an investment in your marriage. Isn’t your marriage worth 45 minutes of your time? If you are single believe me this is a huge investment for you.

I am so excited that I can finally share Highlands Fellowship sermons with everyone online.  Enjoy. I’ll post last week’s message tomorrow.

I love the idea that the peeps over at Fuse* came up with for their message. Brad sets it up like this on the student blog:

I need to give you a little context before you watch this video…

the majority of this sermon was preached via complete silence—

If you watch the piece you’ll be seeing exactly what students were experiencing–

Here’s how we did it…. I typed up a sermon that Ben placed into multiple motion pieces… I literally ran the CG from a laptop on stage-

This gave me the ability to discern the heaviness and awkwardness present in the room… and allow the Holy Spirit to prompt responses in the souls of everyone in attendance…

I’d encourage you to have a journal handy if you are going to watch the service— I believe God may have something specific for you as you participate-

Next Week 7: Solitude from Fuse* Student Ministry on Vimeo.

If you want to be a real man then watch this and actually do it.  This is one of the best messages I’ve ever heard about being a man, whether married or single please watch this and apply it to your life!