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**UPDATE**  Here is another example of Twitters Awesomeness!

I twitter. I love it. You would love it. Follow me on twitter here.

I get asked all the time, “What’s the point of twitter?”  Here we go. 4 reasons

  1.  Friends/Family – Since I have recently moved across the country twitter is a great way for me to stay in touch with my friends and family from Virginia and my new friends here in Texas.  Also every day twitter sends all my “twit’s” for the day to my blog.  My family and friends can see what I have been up to.
  2. Archiving my life – I have 3 kids.  I wish I had twitter when my first 2 were younger.  I can twitter things my kids do and will be able to back and search to see what day they started walking, first time they flew, etc.  Any milestones in their lives.  Also I can know what day I went to that conference, special event, etc.
  3. Ministry Resource – I follow a lot of people on twitter.  They each have different jobs but they give me ideas that I can use in ministry.  See list below to start following some of my followers.
  4. Ministry Tool – A lot of people in my ministry use twitter. It’s just another way to connect to people if I can’t get a hold of them.

Recommended twitterers:

  • Tech/Video/Media related
    •  AVCLUB
    • terrystorch
    • blankenship
    • WorshipTechie
    • EBOWES
    • motionhouse
    • Mstanley
  • Youth Ministry
    • BCooP
    • DanielHarper
    • outsideallday
    • daveyblackburn
    • Jakerutenbar
    • kurtjohnson
  • Worship/Music
    • mcdzl
    • DanielHarper
    • lincolnbrewster
    • davidcrowder
  • Ministry – General
    • perrynoble
    • Rickwarren
    • JimmieDavidson
    • scotthodge
    • MarkBatterson
    • MarkMatlock
    • Newspring
    • TimAStevens

To follow these people txt “follow TimAStevens” or whichever of the usernames from above you want to follow.  *_OR_* go to and search for their username and if you have a twitter account, click Follow button.

Twitter doesn’t make any sense until you start using it.  Go create an account and then start following some people. Leave comments below of some of the people you follow that people should know about.d

Everett just emailed me about a new search engine called Viewzi.  The idea is instead of being presented with a list and clicking an item only to see it is not what you wanted and then have to go back to the list.  This shows you screenshots of what your results are.  Watch the 101 video for the idea behind it.  It could be cool… not sure I like the cosmetics of it though.

Watching internet campus as I type this!  Just some thoughts, observations.

  • Welcome video from Internet Campus Pastor – said time to take offering and a paypal link popped up on the right.
  • At the movies is series
  • Awesome scenes for Craig – switching in and out of movie and sermon.
  • Scripture background is something from scene Craig is in! Awesome
  • Foley while Craig is talking, cars, buses, streets. same as movie
  • Touching message, touching movie
  • Interactivity – raise hand if your hurting click button that says raise your hand
    • Raise hand for accepting Christ – would like to raise my hand to see about follow up, but did not
      • oh, I get it anyways, they told me right after the prayer what to do! NICE!
  • Liked the podcast – esq video about Will Smith – curious if that was for internet campus only because of the “internet savvy” audience
  • One suggestion – provide a place to meet people who want to meet people.  I could invite friends from email, but no way to see who was there and connect with those people.
    • ok, now that service is over I went to lobby and saw the chatroom. Just saw you could add friends. curious if you could whisper thoughts to friends during sermon like you can in a “brick and mortar” church.

Pretty Awesome! I will do my best to start watching on a weekly basis. Great place for me to get fed as a minister who is always “busy” during church services!  Thank you LifeChurch and the digerati crew!

Love that you use facebook – very powerful tool! Also terry storch, keep sending out twitters as reminders about internet campus so I won’t forget :) Or does the internet campus have a twitter account?

Hulu Rocks

Tim Lemons —  June 21, 2008 — Leave a comment

Just in case you haven’t heard of it. is a site where you can watch tons of free shows and movies. All legit. They are having their “days of summer” where they will be releasing new stuff every day for summer. See below to see what it is.

I enjoyed reading this blog over at Michael Hyatt’s blog.  He is the President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  He gives 12 reasons why people should twitter!

Love my friend Matt’s idea…  we should call our friends on twitter, peeps!  Check it out here

I am checking out to see how we could use it as a communication tool for our student ministry.<p></p>Ideas of use so far:

  • one txt to all worship arts peeps
  • one txt to all creative team peeps
  • one txt to all tech peeps
  • one txt to all jr highers
  • one txt to all sr highers
  • one txt to all truth students
  • one txt to all truth volunteers
  • one txt to all guy truth students
  • one txt to all girl truth students

That could be pretty cool to be able to communicate to all those people depending on the needs of the communication. Got the idea from Saddleback.

Now I really want an iPhone! Apple is considering an unlimited iTunes plan for iPhones. Man that would be sweet! 

Redbox is offering free codes every Monday in March. You give them your cell number and they will txt you the code every Monday.

People always ask me, “what is twitter?”  Here ya go. Here’s your explanation.