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Hulu is open!

Tim Lemons —  March 17, 2008 — Leave a comment

Ok, you seriously have to go check this out if you aren’t already using it.  It is now open to the public.  I have been using it since it first came out on beta.  I love it and now they have added way more shows and movies all for free! Can’t beat that!

Read about it here!

Hey I am checking out a program recommended by Jason that gives you free online backup.

 Also if you are a company you can get a discounted price until the 11th.

If you are interested join using this link…  For every four people I get to signup I get another 1gb of storage for free. :) 

Let me know if you signup so I can check on it. 


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Hey I was going through my blogs tonight and read on Josh‘ blog that they made the switch to Propresenter.  

Just thought I should give a shout out to Brad and the team @ Renewed Vision. They are getting huge. I first started using Propresenter about 3 years ago @ Highlands.  It is an awesome program.

I would highly recommend it over mediashout.  

I am pushing to get it at Truth.

Day off

Tim Lemons —  February 26, 2008 — Leave a comment

Andy said the Truth staff could take today off since we worked all weekend long. I was going to sleep in and then go into work so I could get started on a video.  So I got up around 10ish and talked to Alisha on the phone and then video conference on iChat.  We talked for a long time then I took a shower and was going to go into work. Then it hit me. I’ve been here in Texas for almost a month and I haven’t really taken a whole day off. I have missed my family so I haven’t wanted to go home. I just stay at work or hang out with students until it’s time to come home and go to bed.

So I decided to take the whole day off. Even though that means I have less time to work on a video, but that should be ok. I work better under pressure anyways! Plus I needed to obey that whole keep the sabbath thing :) .   

Tonight Razmandi called me to see if I wanted to go see the U2-3D movie/concert.   It was unbelievable.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the 3D technology.  It was amazing. I can’t do it justice with words. If you have a chance you have to go see it. Heck, if you can’t see that go see Hannah Montanna in 3D. It was probably the same way.If there would have been more people there (us 3 and 3 more) and we stood up and actually rocked like we were there… it would have been even better.  It was kinda weird sitting there emotionless.  All I could do was tap my foot…. A LOT!U2 is so amazing!Goodnight 

Talking plants via Twitter

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This is insane! You can use twitter and a home made kit to let plants twitter to you when they need water.Read about it here.Thanks Razmandi for sharing! 

Youtube is down

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Just in case you are trying to watch any videos I’ve posted… Youtube is down!Check back later

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Read about this over on Matt’s Blog.

There are quite a few felons near my old house in Abingdon. Great! Haven’t checked here yet, mostly because I haven’t memorized the address. I don’t even know my own cell yet.

this is what i need!

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Saw this over @ terry’s blog.

You Version

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I know I have said this before, but you have to check out It is already a great bible program. But it will be amazing once people start using it fully.

Macbook Air?

Tim Lemons —  January 14, 2008 — Leave a comment

Can’t wait for tomorrow.  Will there be a new macbook air?