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Tim Lemons —  March 3, 2008 — Leave a comment

Hey I was going through my blogs tonight and read on Josh‘ blog that they made the switch to Propresenter.  

Just thought I should give a shout out to Brad and the team @ Renewed Vision. They are getting huge. I first started using Propresenter about 3 years ago @ Highlands.  It is an awesome program.

I would highly recommend it over mediashout.  

I am pushing to get it at Truth.

This is a video Frank and I made for Truth Weekend (our D-now event). 

New Website

Tim Lemons —  February 12, 2008 — Leave a comment

I think our church is redoing the website. We have a full time guy on staff now that does that. Apparently it is happening now because the site is down so keep checking back.

I’ve seen the new logo but haven’t seen the site. I can’t wait.

Today was a good day

Tim Lemons —  February 9, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today we had our first annual Flag Football Tournament.  We had 2 teams sign up. But that’s ok, cause we had a blast.  They played two games and I was one of 5 refs.  Then we (the staff and volunteers) played the students.  We lost one by one touchdown and had a chance to score in the final play and threw an interception.  I played pretty well. I had 2 out of the three touchdowns for the staff team.  Then we played an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee.  We won 7 – 6.

After that most of us went to Carl’s BBQ.  It was pretty awesome!  They had an awesome banana pudding.

I unfortunately got burnt – but not too bad.  I’ll try to post some pics of the day on flickr and here!

Well It’s 11:47 and I am now an unofficial Texas resident.  Unofficial because I am not going to change my info yet until the whole family comes.

So on my way here Deborah called and said 150 counties in Texas were on fire.  Which is hilarious because JR and others were joking saying they were going to pray that the church would burn down so I wouldn’t go to Texas.

Then a few hours later, Deborah called again to tell me that there could be a tornado in Houston.  Sabrina called and said they didn’t have power at the house. By the time I got here everything was ok.  Going through Baton Rouge was a little tough because it was pouring rain like crazy. Other than that the trip flew by.  Everett told me the Worship Arts staff prayed for me on Monday morning.  That’s pretty Awesome.

So that’s it for now. I’m gonna take a shower since I played ball and go to bed. Tomorrow I officially start at The Met.  I am going in to sign papers and get my phone and stuff.  Also notice on the right ——> I put that I am now on staff at The Met.

Check out their website here and also the youth’s site here.