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Ok, so I watched the AMA’s alone at night the other night on my DVR and since I was alone I thought I’d share my opinions.  I was lonely that night I guess! :)

  • Jimmy Kimmel is funnier than I thought *updated after whole show* ok, maybe not so much!
  • Is Jamie Foxx really that arrogant and cocky?
  • NKOTB – ok, confession time. My first concert ever was NKOTB in fourth grade!  … Seriously… ok… stop… stop laughng!
  • NKOTB – there’s something creepy about 30 yr old guys on stage singing like teenage eunuchs.
  • Paris and T Pain – wow both of them are cocky – which is shinier? Paris’ dress or T’s Grillz?
  • Awkward intro for Scott Weiland –  “Dominant Rock Force in Rock n Roll” thought that was funny since he’s not with velvet revolver anymore or STP
  • Pink. Is. AWESOME!
  • I like Kanye’s speech
  • Billy Ray Cyrus’ head bobbin was killin me
  • Miley Cyrus – you know… I’ll admit it. I like some of the songs I’ve heard from her. Haven’t heard too much though
  • Coldplay – wonder if Chris had one of those transmitters where the light follows him around because the spot was coming from above and when he laid down (fell?) in the confetti the light stopped following him and I noticed 2 or 3 stage hands running over to where he was. Possibly to find the transmitter? Nope – watched it again, I was wrong. Lighting guy just messed up
  • In case your following along you may notice I’m skipping country music, there’s a reason for that. I agree with Tony!
  • Didn’t know Mariah had broken so many records.  She looks akward/scared on stage.  Is the fan getting on her nerves?
  • Mia got excited about the Jonas Brothers
  • Wow Jonas Brothers won something that involved fans texting… imagine that.
  • Beyonce’s performance – agree with JaySizzle!  Also thought it was better with JT and Andy from SNL. (can’t find clip)
  • Pussycat Dolls – is that one chick the only one that can sing?
  • Had no idea Annie Lennox was so active in helping people. I like that JT pointed out it was done silently and most don’t know about it – she’s hopefully doing it for the right reasons
  • Sarah McLachlan and Pink was awesome. Pretty cool for Pink to get to sing with her and show how awesome her voice is and not just some punk rock talentless chick.
  • Is Chris Brown trying to bring back members only jackets? I hope not.
  • WHOAA big fail on Queen Latifah’s microphone being off

Thanks for watching the AMA’s with me and keeping me company!