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Loved reading this post by Perry over on his blog.

My favorite one:

“BIG DEAL!  So this Jesus guy fed over 5,000 men with five loaves and two pieces of fish.  Seems to me like He is just into trying to do entertaining things to get people’s attention rather than teaching them anything of substance.”

This is hilarious!

I am so happy so far with the iPhone 3.0 update and this because of only one MAJOR feature… SMS Texting update.

I use twitter a lot and unlike the early days, I finally have a lot of my actual friends (people I know) on twitter.  At the moment I am following 325 people on twitter. There is no way I would follow all of them through text messages, so I have always had people I don’t want to miss like my friends and then some people who I really love their twitters and wouldn’t want to miss them.  The problem with this (UNTIL NOW) has been that if I have a busy day or two and don’t read those messages then I have to go through and read them all in one setting because if I stop reading them I had to go through hundreds of messages just to find where I was.

Enter the new iPhone 3.0 update.  Now, if I miss a couple of days I can start anywhere I want on the list and delete each message as I go.  On top of that, if there is something I want to check out later like a book recommendation, website to check out, or video to see, I can just click that message forward it to twitter as a direct message to my Evernote account by adding “D myen” to the beginning of the message.  Then later when I have time I can go to Evernote and check out the link/video/book/etc.

Since I no longer have a job where I sit at my computer all day or at least part of the day, it has been hard to stay updated on twitter.  With this new iPhone 3.0 Update I am probably going to turn on some more direct notifications going to my cell phone.

For a list of what has been updated in iPhone 3.0 check this link that came from AVCLUB’s Twitter.

As a side note out there for Tweetie, Twitterific, Tweetdeck, and any other twitter app designers – It would be so awesome to have a feature that has twitters come in like an email that you can save, delete, mark as read and that comes in and keeps them even if I don’t check it for 5 days or more.

I’ve toyed with the idea of subscribing to an rss feed of my followers and have them come to a different email address that I could check.  Maybe Google wave will assist in that?


Ever since I was 8 or so I can remember having a computer in the house.  Now for today’s culture, that’s no big deal at all, nothing special.  However, in 1986 or so that was rare.  I’m thankful my grandfather wanted me to have one so that I could get started on one at an early age. I have always been obsessed with technology and computers.

That is one of the reasons I love twitter.  I remember being a kid and going on a trip and meeting people and being sad because we would never hear from each other again.  That doesn’t happen now. Now you share IM screennames, twitter each other, read blog posts, follow on facebook/myspace.  The world is a much smaller place now.

Watch this video about Ashton Kutcher, twitter, and Malaria.  There is a line that he says that I loosely quote, “now we are in a time where a single person can have as large of a voice as huge news network.”  I am thankful that we have this technology.  I know a lot of traditional churches fight technology, but those same churches are usually the ones that circle up and show their butts to the world. How is it wrong when people are genuinely coming to Christ through technology.  Just look here, here, and/or here.  Amazing stories of Christ at work through technology.  Especially this video. God’s hands and feet are being shown to the World through twitter.

So watch this video then ask yourself, “What message does God want me to share with the World?” (literally… the world)