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Tim Lemons —  September 28, 2008 — 1 Comment

I am excited about this new technology.  Imagine creating one for a youth service where students can instantly ask their questions from their cell phones. Go ahead add a message of your own. I have to approve it first, but send a txt message to 25622 start with @timlem then enter your message.

This is a video that we created to give new people a taste of our ministry and we also used it for a get together we had with parents and church staff to get people interested in serving.

Truth Summer 2008 from Tim Lemons on Vimeo.

Planning Center ROCKS!

Tim Lemons —  September 2, 2008 — 2 Comments

I love Planning Center Online.  It Rocks.  It runs my ministry.  The awesome tech support I have received has been amazing.  I could go on and on but you have to check it out.  They just made some more updates today. Read about it here.  My favorite is text messaging! AH YEAH!

Here is what we use it for:

  • Manage Band
  • Manage Tech people
  • Manage all volunteers for before/after and during our services
  • Manage all Lifegroup leaders
    • Provide training materials as a downloadable attachment
  • Plan services
  • Communication between Adult and Student Ministries
  • Communication to all our volunteers

I encourage you to watch this video to get a small taste of what PCO can do.

Introducing Planning Center Online from Aaron Stewart on Vimeo.

**UPDATE**  Here is another example of Twitters Awesomeness!

I twitter. I love it. You would love it. Follow me on twitter here.

I get asked all the time, “What’s the point of twitter?”  Here we go. 4 reasons

  1.  Friends/Family – Since I have recently moved across the country twitter is a great way for me to stay in touch with my friends and family from Virginia and my new friends here in Texas.  Also every day twitter sends all my “twit’s” for the day to my blog.  My family and friends can see what I have been up to.
  2. Archiving my life – I have 3 kids.  I wish I had twitter when my first 2 were younger.  I can twitter things my kids do and will be able to back and search to see what day they started walking, first time they flew, etc.  Any milestones in their lives.  Also I can know what day I went to that conference, special event, etc.
  3. Ministry Resource – I follow a lot of people on twitter.  They each have different jobs but they give me ideas that I can use in ministry.  See list below to start following some of my followers.
  4. Ministry Tool – A lot of people in my ministry use twitter. It’s just another way to connect to people if I can’t get a hold of them.

Recommended twitterers:

  • Tech/Video/Media related
    •  AVCLUB
    • terrystorch
    • blankenship
    • WorshipTechie
    • EBOWES
    • motionhouse
    • Mstanley
  • Youth Ministry
    • BCooP
    • DanielHarper
    • outsideallday
    • daveyblackburn
    • Jakerutenbar
    • kurtjohnson
  • Worship/Music
    • mcdzl
    • DanielHarper
    • lincolnbrewster
    • davidcrowder
  • Ministry – General
    • perrynoble
    • Rickwarren
    • JimmieDavidson
    • scotthodge
    • MarkBatterson
    • MarkMatlock
    • Newspring
    • TimAStevens

To follow these people txt “follow TimAStevens” or whichever of the usernames from above you want to follow.  *_OR_* go to and search for their username and if you have a twitter account, click Follow button.

Twitter doesn’t make any sense until you start using it.  Go create an account and then start following some people. Leave comments below of some of the people you follow that people should know about.d

Man I love this ministry. I am gonna push to get it started here.

 Jesus loves you the way you are, but refuses to leave you the way you are


My friend Noonie called me the other day and said he freaked out because he was watching the Simply Youth Worship Podcast and Taffy mentioned me.  It was only because I sent him a bunch of questions and got to talk to him on the phone the other day.  Anyways, if you are a student worship leader or you are in charge of bands, etc., you need to be watching this podcast and reading the blog.  Good stuff on there.

Andy asked me if I would do a presentation at our volunteer training event on Sunday and to create a small little video to go a long with it.  Here it is, you’ll have to pause it to see each bullet. 

Somethings I’ve wanted to blog but haven’t:

  •  Tonight 16 people went to eat @ Del Pueblo all juniors and seniors and student ministry adult leaders. We were very loud and boisterous and had fun.  When it came to leave the waiter said someone paid our bill for us.  Turns out and older couple (who I think were drunk, but that’s iffy) was so impressed by us praying and pouring into each other, he wanted to buy our meal.  They said they wished they had something like that when they were younger.  I think it really impacted the students, they could see they touched that couples life just being themselves.
  • I went over to the Pollocks house tonight to watch Lost.  I gotta tell you I was really impressed by their dedication and knowledge of the show.  They were pulling quotes/names/theories out that I hadn’t thought about or had forgotten about.  I love that I’m surrounded by Lost freaks here.  Just goes to show you that God really does bless you with more when he takes something away.
  • Had lunch at Subway a while back with Jordan and Erika.  Joe you would be proud to know that I am spreading your earth friendly idea of compacting all Subway trash into one chip bag.  We had the subway sandwich artist take a picture of us holding up the bag of chips, when I get it from Jordan I’ll post it.  (this might be one of those you had to be there moments) Also we had a funny moment where Erika saw neon signs at a furniture store that said Dining, Open, Sofa, and Pedro. Erika was like why Pedro – turns out it was Bedroom.
  • Erika was telling of a teacher’s name achey pronounced aki and a student one day said you should have a child named Terry (teriyaki).
  • We went to IHOP after Truth on Wednesday and Brandon and I played thumps.  It’s the first time I haven’t won. We called a truce after a long duel.
  • A group of use went to Pei Wei Tuesday and Michael hit Andy on the back of the neck with a chopstick. Andy waited a few moments and the retaliated by picking up a noodle with his chopsticks and slinging it at Michael.  Well it was hilarious because not only did it slap him pretty good (imagine towel flick effect) but it was also called “blazing noodles” and it just happened to hit Michael in the eye.  So for the next 20 minutes Michael’s eye was on fire.  It wasn’t until we were almost done that the phrase came out, “I’m sorry I hit you with a blazing noodle!”  Priceless quote!

Is anyone out there doing a creative team meeting within Student Ministry?

I am struggling because I have these students that are really creative and I want to use them but I am struggling with how.

So please if you are doing a Student Creative Team post how you are doing it. Also if you don’t do a creative team – how do you come up with your creative ideas?


Tim Lemons —  March 3, 2008 — Leave a comment

Hey I was going through my blogs tonight and read on Josh‘ blog that they made the switch to Propresenter.  

Just thought I should give a shout out to Brad and the team @ Renewed Vision. They are getting huge. I first started using Propresenter about 3 years ago @ Highlands.  It is an awesome program.

I would highly recommend it over mediashout.  

I am pushing to get it at Truth.