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Ok… today was a fun day.

  • I just got done watching Lost episode 5 of Season 4 – “The Constant”. Holy Cow! Lost is so creative and imaginitive and insane – it’s just crazy.  I am so proud to be a Lost fan! :) What would your constant be?
  • I watched Vantage Point tonight with Everett. It was a REALLY GOOD (not great) movie.  It is definitely worth watching. I actually caught myself biting my knuckles at one point (not just because I had to go to the bathroom badly).  I had really high expectations of this movie because it looked so awesome from the preview. But if I went into that movie with a “tabula rosa” (clean slate) mind and had never seen the previews, I would walk away happy.
  • Private Kicking – So I watched the Truth building today – meaning from 3-6 we have kids there hanging out and I’m responsible. Well at closing time I walk outside and see a kid laying on the ground and another kid sees me and starts walking away (at a hurried pace).  I go to the kid and I can see a tear in his eye and I ask him if he is ok. He doesn’t move. So I’m like, “uh-oh.”  Long story short he finally started talking. Turns out he and his friend were trying to kick each other where it hurts and apparently the other kid won. Oh the stupid games we boys play.  There’s more to this story but I don’t want to say it on here because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • I went to my first student ministry related funeral today. Nick’s (drummer in band) grandfather passed away this week and the service was today. I feel so privileged that God has called me to minister to students. I hope I am way over communicating to them that I care and that they can come to me about anything.

It’s time for bed. Tomorrow I am going to search desperately for a place to rent for my family and I. The church is going to help my family and I out so they don’t have to wait until the house sells to move here.  So the ball is in my court. I have to find us a place to live temporarily and then I can go get my family. Kinda reminds me of “I have gone to prepare a place for you and now I am going to go get my bride.”  It has officially been a month now since I have seen my wife and kids. I miss them terribly.

Tonight was awesome!

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Rockstar Logo

Tonight was incredible.  It was the end of our Rockstar series and Andy had a friend of his come in to give his testimony. He grew up with parents who were always high and he got involved in drugs at an early age too.  He basically went to talk about his jail time, all of his dead friends, hitting rock bottom and then finding Christ.  He gave an invitation and we had 48 people willing to stand up and leave the room to go speak to our adult/student leaders.  Based on the cards they filled out 22 people accepted Christ for the first time and 26 people recommited their lives.

I had the opportunity to pray with, answer questions, offer advice, and encourage 5 young guys. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with them.  I’m praying for you guys! Jelani, Austin, Rashid, Tony, and Billy thanks for having the guts to take a stand for Christ tonight!

This is a video Frank and I made for Truth Weekend (our D-now event). 

Group Conference Rap Video

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Jake and Josh has done it again with his new rap video.  He has created all these “hits” Filled with the SpiritRobot LoveHotel HotelThe Day I Suddenly Knew Kung Fu.Here is the new one released at the National Youth Ministry Conference (NYMC). Josh and Jake are both from Saddleback in Orange County California. However last I heard Jake is working somewhere else now. I could be wrong though.  Anyways… Enjoy the latest video. I think my favorite line is, “watched reruns featuring girls named Topanga” 

Josh posted this video on his blog! I love it. Frank and I gotta do it! 

This post shows what students surveyed said they wanted to learn about.  I was surprised by the stress one.  Is the whole world stressed?

Today was a good day

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Today we had our first annual Flag Football Tournament.  We had 2 teams sign up. But that’s ok, cause we had a blast.  They played two games and I was one of 5 refs.  Then we (the staff and volunteers) played the students.  We lost one by one touchdown and had a chance to score in the final play and threw an interception.  I played pretty well. I had 2 out of the three touchdowns for the staff team.  Then we played an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee.  We won 7 – 6.

After that most of us went to Carl’s BBQ.  It was pretty awesome!  They had an awesome banana pudding.

I unfortunately got burnt – but not too bad.  I’ll try to post some pics of the day on flickr and here!

Highlands Youth Podcast

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Just watched this podcast.  It was a pretty funny one if you wanna check it out!

Today was 80's Day

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Today was a fun day in the Edge.

We are doing a sermon series called generations.  Last week was the 70’s, this week was the 80’s.

The volunteers dressed up for this great day! It was awesome.

80’s Day

It’s a shame you can’t see Amy’s hair because her hair blends in.  It was schweet!

I think noonie’s was the best though, he even did the side part with the spike.

Man the memories…

NYWC in Atlanta

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I wish i had time to blog about my trip. But I only have today and tomorrow to work this week, so I got way too much to do.  Maybe over Thanksgiving holiday i’ll get a chance.

Brief notes:

  • Read my twitter updates to see what we did/where we ate/who we saw
  •  Crowder was amazing… duh
  • I am now a huge fan of Steve Fee
  • Tomlin was amazing
  • Louie spoke some truth to me
  • Marquis Laughlin made the Bible alive
  • I heard the best sermon ever… Shane Claiborne… more to come